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Dale & Dawn Calvert, Calvert Marketing Group,
IHub Global Gold Field Leaders

Hi: Dale Calvert here. My wife Dawn and I, along with about 7 outsourcers and staff members operate Calvert Marketing Group. You probably were directed to our website by one of the leaders on our team. Congratulations for showing up, it tells me at least you are willing to look; “A Wise Person Investigates What a Fool Takes for Granted.”

I know you are busy; this page is designed to give you IHub Meta evaluation links and material that I would want if I were seriously evaluating this program. This page is designed for proven team builders, even though this program is unlike anything you have ever seen. (Yes, I understand how hypey that sounds).

The biggest mistake leaders make is to attempt to put the IHub Meta business in the B2B sales box, the MLM box, or the affiliate marketing box instead of accepting the documented fact that what you are evaluating has never existed before. My team has heard me say this a thousands times, and the documented truth is,,,,,,,,,,

“This opportunity could have never happened without these 3 companies coming together, at this time and place in history. Because of smart contracts on the blockchain, digital currency, and decentralized finance, a New Era in wealth creation has been created, that was’t even possilbe a couple of years ago.” Dale Calvert

Because of this, our team is full of average people with above average desire that are making more income than they ever have all without sponsoring a team member or selling a product. (We give the product away to business owners).

When the beta program rolled out, I made a list of about 72 leaders that I have gotten to know, or have worked with over the years, and I sent them the video below. Obviously these are my opinions, and not official company material, financial or legal advice, income claims, etc.

Just one entreprenuer taking advantage of free speach, and sharing his opinions and research with team building friends. I have to admit, if somebody was trying to tell me that they had a goal to start today and build a team with 500 six figure earners and 10 millionaires over the next 5 years, or that there was an opportunity for someone to realistically build a 1 million dollar PASSIVE income in 12 -18 months, I would think they have a hole in their head.

I appreciate your skepticism, and don’t blame you, but at the time of this writing the program has just come out of beta and has been in existence 3 1/2 months and is more than I imagined it to be when I did this high level intro video.

At the time of this writing, the Beta has just ended, and currently 9 of the Top 25 producers on the leader board are part of our IHub Meta Team.

We have a wide variety of people on our team from all walks of life and experiences. Throughout my career, my focus has been putting the right systems and training in place to sequentially develop what I call the 27%ers; average people, with above average desire. If the average person can create a $1,000 or more passive income stream with zero financial investment, and get involved with an empowering team culture, those with leadership abilities or the desire to develop those abilities can become wealthy. Because of where we are in the early days of this company I believe some will create legacy wealth.

IHub Meta Evaluation Links

As previously mentioned, a new era of wealth building is here. This program couldn’t even have existed a couple of years ago; it took IHub Global and two other companies coming together at this time and place in history to create IHub Meta.

These are the two partners with IHub:

Loop TV

Open View Media


This is the short, less than 3 minute video we share with small business owners so they can understand the benefits of installing free loop players on their screens.

More Insights into the value the Loop player ads for businesses

IHub Global announcement of the IHUB META, Beta Test

How to Set up a Loop TV Player

Pre Launch Beta Zoom explaining program

Excellent video from one of our team members, Mike Healey, sharing the functionality and options businesses have with the Loop Player

Here is the story from the lady on our team who did her 100th box yesterday.  When average people with above average desire can make money, leaders create wealth. Kamala worked “It Works” for 9 years and never made any significant income. She is developing into a very respected leader on our team and has a goal to beocme a millionaire with this program and is well on her way.

Current IHub Meta Compensation Plan Review

What is your next move?

Get back with the person that shared this page with you. They can share with you how to get registered with the company. The company requires all affiliates to go through a compliance training course, which I feel is very smart. Loop is a publicly traded compay and they don’t want people in the market attempting to promote who have not been trained. The compliance training is done in your back office after you register with the company, and that is step one. We also provide a private team training website and facebook group. We conduct team zoom meetings every Thursday at 8 PM prior to the corporate update call. What I am trying to communicate is the support structure is in place for you and your team.

If you need to schedule a call with me personally, the person that shared this page with you can make that happen. I look forward to working with you, and building somethng that can bless the lives of tens of thousands of deserving people.

To Your Success,

Dale Calvert
Calvert Marketing Group