You don’t have much to say about focus. It pretty much boils down to this: Have a system, yes, but ultimately … JUST FRIGGEN DO IT!

Back in 1999 on my MLM Success podcast, I made the statement that the most important Entreprenurial trait moving forward from this point forward in history is gong to be the abiity to focus.

At that time several research studies were coming out on the amount of time being wasted on social media. Social media mimics human connection, prompting dopamine release when we get likes and comments

We all seem to suffer from a lack of focus these days, whether it’s post-pandemic brain fog, the constant distraction of a glowing screen, or a million requests coming in from work. I especially notice this with reading books versus flipping through social media. 

There are times when I feel completely focused. For example, when I attend one of my grand daughters baseketball game, I’m totally there and focussed on every aspect of the game. Ove my life I have tried to take Jim Rohn’s advice, “Wherever you are Be There”

Or when I’m on a call with my team I am listening intently and not multi-tasking. Or when I’m spending time with Dawn on a date night. I’m not checking email or FB messanger or scrolling my feeds. No! I’m focused on the people I’m with and the task at hand. These times remind me that I can do it — I can focus on one thing for an extended period of time without flipping from one thing to the next. 


I scheduled my activities daily and I use systems. I have to be here at this time. I have to show up for this meeting. And that’s it. I’m going to do it. I always show up on time.  I have specfic task from my to do list that I must accomplish daily, and I do, everyday. No excuses, no distractions.

Over time, I refined and tweaked my systems and have confidence that everything that needs to get done is going to get done. It’s the exact same thing with focus. Have a system that you can trust, use it consistently, and refine it over time. I wake up every day expecting to win the day, and I refuse to lose.

I became obsessed with studying what makes successful people master their situations. There are countless frameworks and “mental heuristics” out there.But in my years of reading millions of emails, speaking to successful friends, and building my own multimillion-dollar companies, I learned a few simple rules.They were practical, easy to apply, and extremely powerful. Best of all, they were FUN.I don’t know about you, but I LOVE learning about self-limitting beliefs, emotional intelligence, recognizing the patterns, then working to improve them. Sure, it’s work — but it’s amazing to watch yourself change from the inside out.

In my Programming Your Mind for Success program, I collected the very best tools and frameworks and shared them, along with specific success stories of students.

You can apply these instantly to your work, your personal life, and your business.These tools will help take you from good to great — and even one of these lessons can be worth its weight in gold .Put this daily 15 minute a system to your daily process and you will have a microscope to examine your own inner thoughts … and a roadmap for optimizing, improving, and skipping ahead. There’s nothing else like it.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn: How to develop unwavering focus — the #1 competitive advantage in our age of never-ending social media distraction

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How to confidently keep growing and changing … even when the world (your friends, family, even mentors) pressures you to stay the same, focussed and moving forward towards your success.

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