Yesterday I had a potential client call me and he said I have been told you are the number one motivational speaker in  Kentucky and one of the best in the world, is that true?

How did some small town kid from Kentucky ever get the opportunity to travel all over the world and get paid to speak to people in places like, Japan, Australia, New Zeeland, & Hungary?

I get this question quite often and I think the real answer is,  I never had a goal to become a public speaker, I have always seen myself as a member of the audience.  I have probably invested more money in attending special training events, seminars, and motivational events than anyone I know.  So because of that fact, I feel I have a special relationship with the audience and their deep concerns and the emotions that may be stopping them from reaching their full potential.

I understand that …………


Throughout life’s journey we encounter crossroads. Sometimes we recognize those crossroads, and many times we don’t. All of us have observed friends, family members, and business associates at crossroads. Sometimes good decisions are made and sometimes they are bad. There is no doubt that like all decisions, crossroads decisions , effect our entire life from that point forward.


Throughout my life I have dependent on what I call “Wisdom of the Ages” principles to guide me through those times.   Like everyone, I have made some good decisions, and some bad decisions.   Some of the decisions that I thought were right at the time turned out to be disasters .   All any of us can do is live, learn, and move forward.


The emotion and aura the right event can create is conducive to teamwork,   clear, logical thinking, and positive change.   Einstein said “ Ignorance at its highest level is to continue to do what you have always done, the way you have always done it expecting different results”.

I love to attend events that have the goal of creating positive change.   In my younger days I use to attend every hotel infomercial pitch I could.   You know the ones, make money in real estate type deals.   I liked to observe the audience, the presenters, the staff, I enjoyed studying the way the entire experience came together.

The truth is some people left those events, invested in the education and changed their life forever.   There life was changed at that one event.   This certainly doesn’t happen for everyone at a specific event, but it does for some.   I have always wondered why?

I have heard it said, “When the student is ready the teacher will arrive”.   That has certainly been true in my life more times than I can count   I was able to be in the right place at the right time, and hear exactly what I needed to hear at that point in my life.

I appreciate being thought of as Kentucky’s best motivational speaker, I am a Kentuckian and proud of it! Today, I personally have the opportunity to speak for groups of people all over the world.   It is really hard for me to understand because I have never seen myself as a “professional speaker”.   I enjoy sharing ideas that can help kids, adults, and business owners who are at crossroads in their life.   I understand that lives are changed at events, and as a speaker I don’t think we should ever take those opportunities lightly.


PS.  Yes, I have been told I am funny, and I enjoy making people laugh.  I think all of us should laugh and smile more, but I don’t use a lot of memorized jokes in my presentations.  I just do what comes naturally.  If you want a comedian, you should probably hire a comedian.  I am a results oriented speakers, my goal is to make a difference you can see, long after your conference is over.  I travel the world and I love sharing ideas that make a difference, but if you are looking for a speaker in my home state of Kentucky, I would love to work with your organization and create a long-term win-win business relationship.