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I met Dale Calvert in 2008 when he spoke at an event in Las Vegas for the company I was working with. When I started my company in 2009 and needed a Key Note speaker for our first company convention I knew I wanted Dale to address our team. He delivered as he always does and I have had him speak at every conference since. He has the best interest of my company and our people at heart and he is not afraid to communicate to people what they need to hear. All I can say is if you can book Dale to speak for your organization, book him.
Jack Fallon, Total Life Changes
Your people will Love Dale Calvert!
I have worked with many sales organizations over the past 20+ years, Dale Calvert’s team was the best trained group of profesionals I have ever worked with” Dale is one of our featured tele-class trainers, his classes always fill up quickly, people love him, and he always delivers what they need to hear. If your organization needs inspiration or training get Dale in front of them. I have recommend Dale for elementary school groups, high level real estate brokers and everyone in between.
Hilton Johnson, Sales University
When we decided to hire a National Training Director for our company we contacted all of our suppliers and Industry insiders and asked them to make us a list of 5 recommendations.

Dale Calvert was the only person on every list. We were happy that he agreed to work with us and conduct a monthly training in Dallas for our up and coming leaders.

Our people connected with Dale immediately and his insights and understanding into this business can only come from someone who spent over 20 years not just as a million dollar earning distributor but also company owner.

We believe we found the number one teacher and trainer in the industry for our people. Dale is not traveling the world and working with organizations because he has to, he does it because he cares.

Dennis & Daniel Bloom, Ameriplan Co-Founders
Dale Calvert is one of the most powerful speakers on the planet
Les Brown, LesBrown.com
The lead generation training by Dale Calvert was the best I have heard in the industry. We made a decision to include Dale as the first outside speaker we have ever invited to our special Champions Weekend.

We are 2 months removed from the event and still getting daily testimonies on how our people are applying what they have learned. We recommend Dale to anybody serious growing a business and motivating their team!

Mark Jarvis, CEO ZURVITA
Dale is one of the premiere leaders in this industry and created the most amazing “secret system” that allowed him to build a sales organization of 85,000 people and a monthly income of $300,00!
Scotty Paulson, CEO Alive World Wide
We hired Dale as our keynote speaker based upon the recommendation of our National Sales Director. We asked him to speak on the topic of overcoming procrastination. He delivered his now legendary “One More Night With the Frogs” keynote. Our people are still talking about it and he made a difference on how they view time management and daily production. If you hire Dale to speak for your organization they will not just be motivated, they will also be provided the tools they need to act upon their motivation and become more productive members of your team.
Alejandro Diaz de Leon, Ardyss
When Dale told me “I never wanted to be a Motivational Speaker, I just always had a desire to help people” everything started to make sense. You have a lot of choices for speakers that can talk the talk, but very few have walked the walk. His real world examples and stories can only come from someone who has personally experienced the emotional ups and downs of business and personal growth. Your people will connect with Dale like no other speaker and teacher, I guarantee it.
Gary Calhoun, CEO MPB Today
Dale Calvert will relate with your people better than any MLM Trainer I know. If you want more for your people than temporary excitement, Dale will deliver. Your people will leave your event with practical, proven, techniques to immediately put into action and create results. HE GUARANTEES IT! Give Dale a call today. I promise you it will be the best move you can make for your company.
Robin Seymour, Opportunity Productions
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Dale has written 9 books and produced over 200 hours of audio & video training programs

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