Since Corona, I have had a more concentrated period of email and phone conversations with entrepreneurs than any other six-month period in my life.  All kinds of great people involved with many different business models.

In this article I  will share with you some of the observations in hope that something we share will give you more insights into your entrepreneurial path to this point and the future.

I have been shocked how many people are no longer involved with a network marketing company, but still listen to our MLM Success Podcast. 

I have said many times that my commitment is to people with true entrepreneurial spirits, not a particular busines model.  

When I got involved in network marketing as a twenty-year-old snot nose kid, it was the only game in town.

It is no longer the only game, there a multiple ways today to create profitable businesses, but THEY ALL REQUIRE three things.




Over the past six months I have discovered that people return to the business model that they experience some level of success, instead of choosing a new business model that may make more sense for them based upon where they are in their life at the moment.

Life is different when you are sixty years old with grandkids and aging parents than when you are thirty and trying to make it.

As you progress in life it is important to ask yourself the right questions.  “The Quality of our life is in direct proportion to the quality of questions we ask ourselves and then answer them, truthfully”

Most people have never figured out how to ask themselves quality questions and provide truthful answers.  TO THEMSELVES!

So they tend to fall back into familiar patterns of the past.   People who get the entrepreneurial bug and then fall back into what I call “The Great American Box” 

(I know we have visitors from around the world, for the record, all countries have their own boxes)

At some point they usually make the decision to try again.  I hate to tell you this, but once the entrepreneurial flame has been lit, it cannot be drowned, it can never be put out.    You are stuck with that nagging flicker the rest of your life.

The mistake they make is

they approach the same

business model, the same

way they did in the past.

If the past created failure, how can you possibly believe this time, things will be different?

Please hear what I am attempting to communicate.

Ask yourself, if you could design the perfect life, what

would you want to achieve over the next 5 years?

Will your current job or business opportunity take you there?  TRUTHFULLY ANSWER THAT!

Look at the people above you, do they have what you want?

If you come to the conclusion you need to make a change, then you have to make it, and make it now!

Where are you going to be in 5 years, if you keep doing what you are doing today?

If you are on this website then you probably understand that to create your ideal life in 5 years, the odds are you are going to need to develop some kind of business, correct?

“Dale I am lousy at business” How do you know that?  How many businesses have you operated?  In how many different niches? 

This is my belief, there is a perfect business for you.

I have no idea what it is, but I know if you decide to, you can find it.   “If you seek you shall find”

Many entrepreneurs fail in multiple different business models, before they find the one that fits them based upon many factors including where they are at a particular time and place in their life.

The business that was perhaps perfect for you when you were fourteen years old , could be different when you are twenty years old, forty, sixty or seventy seven.

So step #1 is to explore different business models and find the right one for you.  Just because you know somebody that went broke trying to become a Kindle book publisher does not mean it is not right for you.

Just because you know a lady who makes $213,000 a year operating an eBay Reselling business, does not mean it is the right business for you.

The success or failure of another person ultimately plays no relationship into the failure or success you may experience.  You must be an individual and stay true to who you are.

What are your strengths, what do you enjoy?  What are you more knowledgeable about than most people?

When you are ready to light

the entrepreneurial fire again,

be smart & follow these three

steps to maximize your odds

for success.

#1 Find a Mentor

How do you find a mentor?  The answer is not, based upon how much money they are making.  Many people in the interpleural world are called mentors because they have made all their money not being truthful with people.

Their mode of operation is to tell people what they want to hear, so they can sell them what they want to sell them.  I am talking about training programs, courses, seminars, etc.

Listen, I have invested more money in training courses, seminars, etc than anyone I have personally ever met in my life.  I BELIEV IN PERSONL EDUCATION FROM MENTORS.

The way you find the right mentor is simple. 


Who have they personally taught to do what they say they can teach me to do?

A common mistake is to let yourself be mentored by someone who looks like you, has a similar background, or some other relatable factors.

Even worse is thinking because someone is making a lot of money or has a huge following, they must be a good mentor.

All that is in the real world is an indication that they know how to create tribes of people.

I have found that in most niches, the most popular people are not necessarily the best mentors.   



After you find the right mentor, plug in to EVERYTHING they make available.  Seminars, webinars, books, etc. Hopefully they have a sequential trainging system that they bring students through. If they do, follow it, step-by-step, don’t try to pick and chose what you like or what you feel comfortable with. An important component of success is the ability to expand your comfort zone. Successful peopel are willing to do the uncomfortable until it becomes comfortable.

If it is legal, ethical, and moral, and your mentor is teaching it, is our responsibility to learn.

Try not to have an original thought until you are at a full-time income level.

At the time of this writing I am devoting about 15 hours a week to learning a completely new niche business.  However, I am not just spending my time learning, I am putting into action what I am learning, which I talk about in detail in this podcast.  

“Knowledge without ACTION leads to self-delusion”

Which is really Step 3


Daily ask yourself is this activity taking me toward my
5-year goal?  If not, why am I doing it?  That is a very important question that I try to ask myself, every day.

So I will end this article like I started.  “Is it time to light your entreprenurial fire again?”

If it is and you will take seriously the three steps I have shared with you, I truly believe that you can expect successful results.  As always, I am dedicated to your success no matter what business model you are working.  I believe there is a business for you and “If you seek, you shall find”

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