I first heard about mining helium crypto currency in January of 2021.  I heard a young man on a podcase who shared that he had six helium miners that on average were providing him $750 a month in income PER BOX or for a total of $4,500.  So the obvious question was how much do the miner boxes cost?

The average price is $500 a box.  Is this for real?  You are telling me you invested $3,000 for six mining boxes and they return to you $4,500 a month.  So I spend about 10 hours of researching as much as I possibly could about mining crypto.  I ordered six boxes, three I was going to place in Georgia and three in Kentucky.   My plan was to get the miners, set them up, and then see what happens.  If my results where anywhere close to the young man I heard on the podcast, the next question would be how many can I order, and who do I know that I can place a hotspot in their home or business and split if I share the profits with them?

Honestly that was the end of it, no more thought needed until my boxes were delivered.  Then by accident I heard about a company named IHub Global, who had figured out a way to create an affiliate program around these hotspot boxes.   I did my initial research and was skeptical, but I kept an eye on it.   I communicated and back and forth with a couple of the owners.  To make a long story short, I watched this company add 800,000 affiliates from all over the world in 10 months!  The fastest growing affiliate program in history.  During the first of September my boxes I had ordered months ago, still had not arrived, and I heard rumors that that because of the chip shortage, that the companies who manufacture these hotspots may not be able to ship them until 2023.

I had already decided to join IHub Gobal.  I had reviewed it and looked at the compensation plan, and for me the bottom line is throughout my life I have prove to myself over and over a quote from J Paul Getty, that shaped
my business career.

I wouldn’t believe what I am getting ready to say next if I were you, but this
is documented. After 7 weeks I set my self up to earn $100,000 a month in
residual income with this program.

At the time of this writing the Helium HNT Coin is selling for around $50
a coin. I wish I had bought alot of it when I first looked at this program in
January when it was around $14. It is available on the Binnance Platform.

Another thing I have learned over the years is to not count your chickens before they are hatched. The bottom line, before the launch the company
brought in an investment group and had to make some changes.

Many of the freebie seeker who had never been in business before freaked
out, so at the time of this writing the dust is setteling, but if you want to know the whole story I share it here:

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So at the time of this writing I am getting the same questions over and over, that is the reason for this IHub Global review, or I guess you would call it an

So let me answer the the questions I receive over and over daily.

Why should I join IHub Global instead of buying a hotspsot from a Manufacurer?

The truth is would you rather earn $80,000+ dollars a year or $550.00 a month? The video below will discuss this concept in detail.

I personally believe that buying a helium hotspot miner makes no sense at
all if you really understand the IHub Global business model. If you have studied it at all you probably do. There is a reason that today ovr 1 million
people around the world have joined IHub Global. Where there is smoke
there is fire.


The average cost from a helium hotspot manufacture is around $500

With IHub Global you have two options to get your hands on a box
$99 Application free and $400 Depost. (If you ever decide to return the box you get your deposit back)
$99 Application fee and $18 month lease

To make the math easy let’s say your box mines 10 coins a day. At the time of this writing Helium is around $50 per coin, $500 per box right?

Wrong with IHub Global as the host of box they pay you 25% of amount of
Helium mined. $125.00

That’s crazy, scam, rip off, I am not doing that, I have heard it all by people that don’t take the time to get the facts, and if you will stay with me I will explain. For the record, this is one of my favorite quotes

First of all, IHub will start shipping hotspots in January. The other manufactures, as I have said earlier could be over a year from now.

The goal of Helium and IHub is to expand and grwo the network, here is a two minute video I think is worth seeing, but keep in mind the Free Deployment model is not longer available.

So even thought the hotspots are no longer free, the question really is how
much can I get paid for referring others and helping the network expand.

In the simplest explanation.

The first 5 people you refer 20% of the Helium the mine each month. These people are called your Pro Team

The next 10 people are called your Bronze Team and you would earn 25% of the Helium they mine each month.

Your next 10 people are called your Silver Team and your would earn 30%
of the Helium they mine each month.

At this point you have referred a total of 25 people and your projected income is around, $2,750.00 monthly as I will cover in detail in the video below.

Your 26th person forward is are all on your Gold Team and your earn 35%
on the Helium they mine. There is no limitted to how many people you can
have on your GOLD Team. If you add 15 that would give you a total referral group of 40 people.

Believe it or not, I personlly enrolled over 100 people in less than a month
with a simple free advertising campaign we ran. I didn’t know these people and nevr talked to them, they like many other see this opportunity and wanted to get in on it.

I am going to wrap this up and share with you the video I have been promising. I sincerely believe that this program will create more $100,000
a year earners faster than any affiliate program, ever.

we have had dozens of people that we have personally referred who have
referred 10-20-40-60- even 100+ people in less than 30 days.

The video below is one I did for my personal team the a few days after the
kick off event in Las Vegas, keep in mind many of these people have never done anything entreprenurial and they joined when the company was offering a free deployement program.

Check it out and if you decide IHub Global makes sense for you, you can
join using this link: www.dalecalvert.com/ihub and we will get you plugged
into our private zoom calls, facebook group and confidential markting and
promotional strategies.