From the Hustle
They thrive through inner thinking. Speak softly in daily life and carry big sticks.

And tend to be super good listeners.

But they still get a pretty bad rep, at least in corporate America. Until they decide to turn their life story into a LinkedIn post. Then it gets worse.

Jokes aside, just look at Microsoft, Amazon, and Facebook — a few case studies with introverts winning at the top.  The video below explains why.

Four myths about introverts (YouTube):

  • They don’t want to lead
  • They lack adequate people skills
  • They communicate poorly
  • They hate collaboration

They’re coming for your job. Better talk more fluff, because when it all said and
done Introverts will run circles around loud mouth extroverts who think they have real leadership abilities. Introverts are not percieved to be leaders, so many times they devote more study and personal education time on the subject. For some strange reason Boisterous people that like to be seen and heard are percieved by most people to be leaders but actually the opposite is true.