At the time of this writing, it is February 11th 2023.  I am convinced that the general population and even small business owners and entrepreneurs have no concept of how the world is going to look in just two years, much less five years from now.

About a year and a half ago on my podcast I made the statement that the most important entrepreneurial trait moving forward from this point in history would be the ability to FOCUS.  More importantly the ability to focus on that which will move our lives forward in the 7 Key areas of life. What I call the Wheel of Life.

Arguably we live in a world today where nobody seem to be able to focus on anything.  I have always had a curious mind, as a child I had ADD.  As an adult I have always had what I describe as entrepreneurial ADD, so it has taken a lot of books, audiot and personal development work to teach myself how to Focus on the right things.  I have become pretty skilled at identifying what I call the fu fu dust, and looking behind the curtain and being able to quickly analyze the root of situations.  I call it getting down t where the rubber meets the road. The truth is technology has moved very fast since the introductory of the IPhone and social media, but we haven’t seen anything yetPsychologically our brains are not prepared to handle the advancements in technology we have experienced to this point.  Look around you, the evidence is everywhere.

Over the next couple of years A.!. will take things to a completely different level, I am convinced that most people cannot begin to wrap their minds around what the world is going to look like just two years from now.

A.I. is here and a new world is forming. So we need to be as balanced and self aware in the 7 key areas of life as we possibly can be so we can navigate through the disruption ahead. 

We live in a world today where we are more connected but more isolated than ever, and it is only going to be worse.  It doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom, it can be fun and exciting if you have a solid foundation in place.

I changed the name of my podcast several moths ago to the The New Era of Wealth Building Podcast, because I saw the shift in the network marketing team building space.  The end of an era is here, but many are stuck in a “Block Buster Video” mindset.  Block Buster is gone my friend, and so I traditional mlm opportunities as I spoke about here.

A couple of months ago, I mentioned ChatGPT on one of my podcast and nobody new what I was talking about.  I also shared an article on one of my websites, and the comments I received were fascinating. The phrase NO VISION, comes to mind or maybe WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?   If you don’t know what it is and have never experimented with it, you can read the original article and test the CHAT GPT app here.

Now, two months later probably 90% of the population has heard something about Chat GPT.  If you haven’t don’t read another word until you understand what I am talking about.

I recently had the Chat GPT A.1. do the research and write an article for me on what the 10 Best Crypto Currencies to invest in in 2023, you can read it here.

This is the beginning of a disruption that will be bigger than the Industrial Revolution.

When I find videos and articles that I will want to reference, I will be posting them here on this page.  This is going to be my personal A.I. think tank if you will.  You are invited to follow along if you wish, or don’t. 

Stable Diffusion Public Release – Stability AI › blog › stable-diffusion-public-release

Aug 22, 2022 — We are delighted to announce the public release of Stable Diffusion and the launch of DreamStudio Lite.

I will be listening in on this ………. I am in AI self-education mode.

CEO interview Monday 12pm EST 2-13-2023
An AI private investing opportunity?
   Happy Super Bowl Sunday, 360!As for the markets, ChatGPT is changing THIS game forever. Investors have finally realized the potential of artificial intelligence — AI stocks are booming! Over the past few weeks and nearly every day, a publicly listed NASDAQ company mentioning AI seems to explode hundreds of percent 🚀. Take a look at these moves, all in the last few weeks:   What is going on here???  AI is poised to be bigger than Bitcoin and Crypto, with a much more lasting impact on how people conduct business and their daily lives. But as public companies that are on the cutting edge of AI are being revalued much higher, it gets me thinking…are there any private companies that could benefit from the renewed investor interest in AI?There are extremely few advanced private AI plays (do you know any others?) but there is one we’ve been following…RAD AI. RAD AI is focused on using its AI platform to achieve better results for a company’s marketing across social media. RAD AI is accomplishing this with its emotionally intelligent marketing platform.Think ChatGPT but for better marketing on social media, less spam, and more authentic marketing connection with consumers. Marketing language that really resonates with the target audience battling soulless, dull spam.Now RAD is still private for now, but the door is still open for investment at a pre-money valuation of $18 million and currently has 310% revenue growth. I’m not sure that valuation will last long, you’ve just seen the revaluations currently taking place in the public markets!   👉 So if this interests you, this Monday Feb 13 (12pm ET) the Boardroom will be hosting CEO Jeremy Barnett (right after Bullseye Trades)👈Click HERE to add this INTERVIEW to your calendar Or on Monday go directly to this LINK — or better yet just remain in the 360 room if you’re a member of Bullseye Trades