Sometimes wisdom of the ages truths are so clear and obvious that we see right through them, here is one worth pondering.


What would be an amazing outcome for you in a year?

People have great answers. They want to own their own businesses, get a promotion, find love, make six figures, learn to love themselves, get along better with so and so, and the list goes on and on.

I bet you have dreams you’ve been thinking about for years but never achieved, too and are hopeful this could be the year. HOPE starts the mental process, but HOPE won’t get the job done!

Why not? Because you haven’t taken massive action. And that’s the tool I’m going to teach you today. I think one of the greates moments of wistful regreat would be to get to to the end of your life and realize you never took MASSIVE ACTION on any dream in your life.

Massive action means acting consistently until you get what you want, no matter what, that you will not be denied.

Most of us are willing to take a little action, some minor action, or occasionally some major action. We’re willing to try one thing, or three things, or maybe five marketing and promotional methods at once.

Often when we think about trying to achieve a goal, we’re already anticipating failure. One of my favorite coaching moments ever was when a client sent me his 20 Reasons and the plan to launch his business, with the question, “But how do I know when it’s time to give up on this?”

He was entirely serious, I sent refunded him the $5,000 for the 3-hour consulting package he bought, and simply said, I am sorry I can’t work with you. This will end up being a waste of my time and your money. He talked bad about me for years to anybody and everbody and everywhere he could.

I love that example, because so often that is how we approach our hopes and dreams. We expect they won’t work out, and we plan to fail ahead of time. To win, you must expect to win! Even as we try a little bit, we’re assuming we will give-up and are just trying to figure out when.

Massive action does not allow for the concept of failure. Because you don’t give up. You just keep taking action until you get what you want. Sometimes the market may dictate it is time to pivot, but never time to quit.

What I love about massive action is that it removes all the pressure of trying to figure out what’s the best thing to do, if you’re doing the right thing, and what you will do if what you try doesn’t work. You don’t ever have to answer those questions, because all you need to do is keep taking one action after another until you have what you are looking for.

Massive action removes all doubt and fear. There’s no reason to be afraid, confused, or doubtful. You’re just going to keep taking action until you have what you want.

When you commit to massive action, there’s no room for self-pity. There’s no room for sulking, blaming the universe, feeling sorry for yourself, or bargaining with yourself about how much effort you should have to put forward. The “shoulds” don’t matter. Fair doesn’t matter. What other people do (or don’t do) doesn’t matter.

Some people feel guilty for wanting more. As Jim Rohn taught the secret to a fullfilled entreprenurial life is to learn to love the game. Learn to combine thankfullness with ambition!

Some of us, could buy anything we want, but that is really not the point. Those who are motivated by wants, and desires don’t understand those who aren’t. BUT YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND YOURSELF IF I AM TALKING TO YOU. Learn to love the game, and understand the only way to win big is to help others win big, and many of these people not only have honarable wants in their life (To be debt free, own their home, college fund for children, retirement fund, etc.) Many of thos you help have real needs.

Massive action has no room for messed up financial mindsets, so get those
right! MONEY IS NOT THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL, that is not what it says! Money makes you more of what you arleady are. The LOVE of money is the root of all evel. So get this right in your own mind!

You have to get you mind right around money as I talk about in my Amazon best seller, Change Your Financial Midnset which is also available on audible. This is value content that I wish someone had shared with me earlier in my career. When building a team helping people develop self awareness around their own Fiancial Mindset is the only way they can truly move forwarrd and make more money.

When your financial mindset is in a good place, and you combine that with
massive action you become an unstoppable force.

As I said previously All the pressure of trying to figure out what’s the best thing to do, if you’re doing the right thing, and what you will do if what you try doesn’t work. You don’t ever have to answer those questions, because all you need to do is keep taking one action after another until you have what you want, quit your job, buy your house, pay of your debts or whatever you are looking for!

If you commit to this principle of MASSIVE ACTION, it will change your whole life, no matter what it is you want.

Want a successful business? Massive action.

Want to become an ultra-marathoner? Massive action.

Want the ideal family life? Massive action.

If you want to get married and have a family, don’t go on five first dates and throw-up your hands. Don’t go on 50 first dates and throw-up your hands. Go on 500 first dates if you must! Massive action.

The beauty of massive action is that it shortcuts all the negotiation and mental drama you have with yourself about whether you have done enough. There’s no point to any of that, because you’re just going to keep taking action until you get what you want. All you must decide is what next action you’re going to take, and honestly that should be planned out everyday, BEFORE the day starts!

When you commit to massive action, keep taking action, and finally create what you want, you’ll feel invincible. It sounds so simple, and yet 99% of people will never do it. Be part of the 1%. I know you can do it, because I did it, and the only difference between you and me is that I took massive action in responsibility for my owns self education, work ethic, and time management skills.

Sure I coasted for 15 years of my life (big mistake) but the only reason I could do that was because I had taken massive action the 20 years previously. Yes I said 20 years not 20 months, or 2 weeks. Winners to it UNTIL.

I went through a stage of guilt because my REALITY has surpassed my wildest dreams. But I have worked through all of those mental barriers, my financial mindsets are in stone, and I have been in a state of massive action for a few years, when will I stop? NEVER! I LOVE THE GAME TOO MUCH!

I don’t someone yesterday, when I die I hope I am working on the biggest project of my life.

Massive action is a buzz word that is used in entreprenurial circles. But I hope something I have said has given you a clearer understanding that Massive Action is a mentality, that removes all obstalces and doubts when you decide you are going to do it until, …………..