Is there a proven formula for evaluating network marketing opportunities, and finding the best program in 2021 or at any time in history? Believe it or not, there is. However, while finding the best opportunity in the marketing place based upon the 4 Star formula is no guarantee that an individual will become successful.

100% of zero is still zero. You still need to learn how to go in the market, launch your business and create team momentum if you expect to create the obnoxious incomes, and lifestyle the network marketing business model can provide you.

Many people make the mistake of not seeing past the products. All their focus in on the products or services they market. Over the past 40 years I have seen dozens if not hundreds of network marketing companies start that have superior products that never got off the ground and ultimately went out of business. So there is much more to finding the right network marketing company than finding a quality product to market. While the right products, based upon real science is one of the stars it is not the only star that must line up for you to fulfill your true, upside potential.

There are 4 stars that must line up, for you to achieve your full upside potential in network marketing. I know what it feels like to start from zero and build a team of over 60,000 people that does over 100 million dollars in wholesale sales. I have done it. The stars don’t line up that often. Recently, I have found a company that has brought me out of retirement and I am doing it again, because the 4 stars have lined up. You can learn more and see if you meet the qualifications to join our leadership team here:The Opportunity that brought Dale Calvert out of Retirement

STAR #1 is one that very few people talk about and is really overlooked in today’s network marketing world. It is TEAM CULTURE & TRAINING SYSTEMS. In the real world organizations provide proven systems and training programs to help develop the next generation of home grown managers and leaders within their companies.

In all reality, if you are in network marketing you are in “the leadership development” business. Your long term income is in direct proportion to the number of leaders that are DEVELOPED on your team. Distributors are a revolving door, they are coming and going all the time, but DEVELOPED LEADERS stay, and leadership produces product volume!

The truth is, success in network marketing comes down to:




how to teach


to teach


We go in great detail in the “teach how to teach” concept in the recorded webinar we did here: “The Lost Secret to Network Marketing Success”

The only way this can possibly happen is with very sequential, unified, duplicatable training systems as I have been saying and teaching for 4 decades.

The other 3 stars are just as important. If you miss one, you can reduce your income by up to 90%. I cover all 4 stars in the training video you can access here:    The 4 Stars indicate this is THE BEST NETWORK MARKETING OPPORTUNITY FOR 2021 AND BEYOND …… AND WHY!

The work is the same. It bothers me to see so many honest, hard working people working programs that will never allow them to fulfill their true upside potential because the program they are working is missing one or mores stars.   

Don’t make this mistake!  I have been coaching some of the top leaders in this profession for many years.  I have made millions of dollars building teams, by helping other achieve their goals and dreams.  “A wise person learns from their own mistakes, a really wise person, from the mistakes of others”.  Check out the video above, I believe it will help you.  Wise people also investigate what fools take for granted.

Have a great 2021