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I haven’t written a personal email in a while, because honestly there is too much opportunity combined with chaos everywhere to really wrap my mind around.

First just let me say thank you to all of you that sent condolences on the death of my wife Dawn’s dad.  We appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

I realized today that I am going to need to have some minor surgery done soon.  I have no patience for feeling bad or getting older, put it is just a fact of life.

Covid was the best thing that has happened for me as far as focus and time.  The chaos in the streets has been unsettling and the election threw many of us for a loop.

115 Months ago I was buying up Kobe Bryant rookie cards on Ebay for $50.00 each (Topps PSA 10).  ONE sold on eBay last week for over $10,000.00.  Yes 10 THOUSAND Dollars.

The sports card market is on fire.  Some of you know that years ago my brother and I owned a sports card and memorabilia shop.

That was in what is commonly called the junk wax era.  The market was crazy and when it started to drop it became cold as ice.

I have stayed semi-active in the market using what I call a Hall of Fame strategy that I will be sharing on this weeks podcast.

The sportscar market is on fire now, and changed a lot since we had our shop 30 years ago.  The companies have made some major changes and created a lot of scarcity by design.  If you have ever been into card collecting, now may be a good time to re-visit the hobby especially from an investment mindset.

The article here is a good place to start.  Why Now is the Time to Invest in Sportscards.  

I will share more about my Kobe Bryant investing story and strategy on this weeks podcast it drops on Tuesday and the official title is 5 MLM Mindsets.

I think you will find the session interesting and important if you are involved in any type of entrepreneurial endeavor, and regardless if you are currently building a MLM team.

The podcast is scheduled to drop sometime on Tuesday and will be available at

2. Flipping Domain Names just got simple and lucrative for anyone.

As many of you know I have been actively buying and flipping domain names for many years.  It is a business model that I devoted about 3 hours a week to for many years. I currently own over 300 domains and niche websites.

It is very common to pick up an expired domain for $12 and flip if for 20 times the investment within a month.  That is the goal, find 4 domains a month and flip them for an average of $250 each making a $1,000 a month profit.

It is fun business model because every now and then you find a domain you can hold and sell for outrageous profits, $10,000 plus.

The challenge was the amount of education it took for newbies to understand the domain name game.  The amount of personal education time required in the grind stage that many people couldn’t make it through.   However even after I got through the self-education gring, the 3 hours a week I have spent in research could not be avoided, at least until now.

There is a new software that has just been released with a training system that allows anyone to profit in the domain flipping game almost immediately. At least within their first couple of weeks.

It is taken my research time from 3 hours a week to 10 minutes and I am finding many more profitable domains, so the goal is now to find 40 domains a month that can be flipped for  $100 – $250 each and one homerun $10,000 + domain a month to hold for the long term.

So this software and training has taken my domain name game up a notch.  You can find an article here New Software Finds Profitable Domain Names that You Can Flip for Quick Profits. if this is something you would like to investigate further.

As I said earlier, this is a busines model I have been devoting a few hours to every week for years.  I will keep you updated on the progress, but this is something anyone with internet access can implement today.

3. Bitcoin is Getting Ready to Break Out

As you probably know I am not a fan of any business opportunity centered around Bitcoin, but I do believe in bitcoin as a store of value investment.

I felt like I was late to the bit coin party, initially buying in at $10,000 a coin, and watching it fall to around $3,000.  Now I am thinking maybe the game has just begun.

I sincerely believe that crypto currency is the future and talked about that in a podcast recording on crypto currency I did about 4 years ago after I devoted the time to get as educated on crypto currency as possible.

Last week I briefly shared on my podcast why I felt bitcoin was getting ready to break out.  At the time it was trading at $15,200 a coin and when I looked earlier today it has shot up to $18,100 this week!

Many experts are predicting massive growth, I believe it is inevitable, it is just a matter of when.  However, with governments printing stimulus money and other factors I talked about in the podcast.  If you are ever going to get crypto self -educated, now is the time. 

You can find a wealth of conflicting information online.  I started with the Bitcoin Black Book years ago when I decided to get self-educated, the presentation was had a little too much hype for my taste, but the information I learned from the Black Book has made me money.   I also read Bitcoin for Dummies and Crypto Currency Investing for Dummies when I started by personal education journey.

4.  I am actually in the field building a network marketing team again. 

Friends are telling me I have a hole in my head, but my experience tells me that what we have the chance to accomplish over the next 5 years will be beyond anything I have ever done. My goal, help 10 people become millionaires and create 500 full-time earners on our our personal team.

We are working with an 8 year old European company that has 252,000 distributors in 30 countries around the world.  We are helping them launch in the USA.

We started in August and were the number one recruiter in the world in August and September, so we are serious. Very serious.

We are only looking for leaders at the moment, but if you are curious, and think you may qualify to work with us, you can learn more here:

The #1 Network Marketing Opportunity in 2021 and Beyond

Learn more and apply to work with Us APLGO USA

That’s all for now.

Thank you for reading my random Sunday thoughts.

I know that I say “Dedicated to Your Success” a lot, but I really do feel that way. I have come to realize I can’t help it, it is in my DNA.  Thanks Mom 🙂

I hope you win… and win big.

I appreciate your support
Dale Calvert

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