Over the years many customers, clients, and team members have asked me many times, How can I become more creative? My response has always been why?

Some people feel that creativity is required to become and effective entreprenuer. IT IS NOT! One of the biggest secret to success is to model success. Success comes from duplication, not innovation.

In my opinion, finding the right mentor is much more important than being creative.

With that said, for those that want to learn to control their minds better and tap their full creativity, these six tips will help.

We may not always feel creative, but we can definitely get inspired and learn from others, as certain habits can multiply your overall output and help with periods of inactivity and procrastination.

Have a purpose bigger than you
Take moments regularly to step back and ask why you’re doing whatever you are doing. If you’re creating things to bring the positive change that you can get excited about, this will do more for your energy and creativity than most things. Many of you know my current goal with our IHub Meta Business is to build a sales team with over 500 six figure earners and 10 millionaires. That is a huge goal for anyone within the team building business model. However, when this goal is achieved,the rippple effect of this and the positive impact achieving this goal will have on others will be legendary.

Schedule Your Thinking Time
Creating things is our birthright and the most potent source of life energy when we allow it to flourish. Deciding to create in large quantities speaks to who we really are. It wakes us up. The idea of scheduling time to think is somethng I have subconsciously done most of my business career. Because in a normal day I am 100 mile an hour from the moment my feet hit the ground. I overbook myself daily on purpose, because I don’t want lag time. However, I never thought about the idea of SCHEDULING YOUR THINKING TIME until I read the book The Road Less Stupid. If the idea of scheduling your thinking time seems kind of out there, I understand, but I would suggest add the book to your reading list.

Draw mind-maps
Paper organizes and records your ideas better. By seeing everything laid out visually in this format, our process aligns with how our brains make connections. I have used mind maps to help me organize my ADD Brain for years, before they were the new buzz word. I you need more organization on the concept of Mind Maps click here -> Mind Mapping: Improve Memory, Concentration, Communication, Organization, Creativity, and Time Management.

Go on creativity walks
The less you think and judge, and the more you simply do, the more creative you are. Combine a still mind like this with physical movement, and you’ll discover the flow of ideas. Think about the most creative people you know, my guess is they take walks frequently.

Write long brainstorm lists
Take a topic, question, or focus, and write a long list of ideas. Writing is powerful because it opens up our creativity. The longer the list, the more creative your thoughts are likely to get. We all know that those that take the time to write down goals accomplish more than those that don’t. That is undebatable. Brainstorming in writing is not the same thing we are literally talking about writing a long list of ideas that can move your life and business forward.

Be resilient to losses
Creative people must find a way to keep creating, regardless of any perceived losses. Handling this is a practice. Getting good at this means you stall less and less. That’s gold for creativity. There is an old saying that we all fail forward. Failure is part of success. Disapointments do not slow down a focussed, creative mind.