I believe in 2021 I  am going to have the most growth of any
1 year period in my career as an entrepreneur.


Multiple Reasons, but mainly …………….

I just believe it.

Our brains don’t need evidence in order to come to conclusions.

In fact, our brains do the opposite:

We make decisions and then we find evidence.  The problem with many entreprenuers is they make decisions based upon emotions.  Then when they attempt to find the FACTS to back up their decision they simply aren’t there.

That is why you see so many intelligent people involved in very limited business models.

So facts or not, that is how we function as humans.

“As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he”

So… I choose to believe that 2021 is the best year ever for my businesses, and thankfully I can easily find evidence for it.

The facts are right in front of all of us! … the Deck is STACKED for entrepreneurs going into 2021.

* Ecommerce is on Fire!

Check out the picture from our local post office. Packages stacked from the counter to the door as ecommerce sellers and those using platforms like Etsy & Ebay were just crushing it over the holidays.

(The 3 30 Gallon Garbage Bags are orders from my wife’s Merry Collector Shop)

Amazon is exploding.

Shopify is exploding.

The Collectible Cards Market is Exploding

My adorable wife processing her orders while watching Hallmark Movies

Daily Post Office Runs for 2020

Bitcoin, which I asked you to take a serious look at a month ago when it was at 19K hit 27K in the wee hours of the morning.  Honestly that may be the top for a while, but I felt if it broke 20K it would go on a run and it has. 

Please let me be clear I DON’T BELIEVE IN CRYTO BUSINESS Opportunities, I am talking about investing in crypto as a store of value like you would Gold, or precious metals.

Without question what I am most excited about is the opportunity with APLGO.  The first time in my life I have had the opportunity to get in on the GROUND FLOOR (In North America) with a BOOMING 9-YEAR-OLD COMPANY.

Talk about a mind tweak.  All we have to do is look at what has happened with this unique opportunity in the other 30 countries around the world, before it launched in the USA.

You don’t have to be a mental heavy weight to understand why they did one million dollars in sales their second month in the USA and what is getting ready to happen in the North America market in 2021.

This video explains clearly why it is the best network marketing opportunity for 2021 & beyond and best I have personally seen in 40 years!


Yes, I was the number one recruiter in the World in August and September because I feel like I see the future for this opportunity very clearly, not based upon normal blah blah mlm hype, but documented facts!

With the Network Marketing Leads 5.0 concept we are going to be rolling out to our team in 2021 I believe we can take everything to a level that has never been done before. I believe in this new, what I am calling 5.0 philosphy and more importantly I believe in our awesome team members!

It’s like an entrepreneurial  fire waiting to be lit.

Yet so many people can’t see the opportunities all around them,  because they do not believe that it is possible for them.

And if you believe it’s not possible for you, then you start saying things like…

– I don’t have the time.
– I don’t have the money
– I don’t have the right idea.
– I am in the NFL Club
– I don’t know what to do.

But I wonder…

What if you BELIEVED that you had enough time, capital, ideas, and all that stuff?

Could you experiment with believing it FIRST, and then finding evidence for it?  Napolean Hill told us in 1934 “What the mind can conceive and believe you can achieve”

Lately I’ve been playing with stretching my mindsets and my limiting beliefs and I get myself so fired up I can’t sleep,  and it’s kinda fun.

I ask myself questions like, “What if I knew now that I was going to sell one of my niche websites for 7 figures in 5 years?

Or, “How would I view the financial future of my grandkids if believed that my income was about to radically explode?”

Or, “How would I view my habits if I believed that my APLGO  business would make me one of the richest network marketing leaders in history?

I love asking myself questions like this that stretch my limiting beliefs.

So, I’ll leave you with this one: “What would be different if you believed that 2021 was gong to be your best year ever?”

Would you finally go all in?

Would you build something you can sell?

Would you join my APLGo team and decide to become one of
the 10 people we are going to help become millionaires in the next 5 years?  (That is my goal, 500 six figure earners and 10 millionaires on our team)

Would you just… start?

Whether you believe it or not, I already know that it is
my job is to believe it FOR YOU until you can believe it for yourself.

(And I do.)

Sincerely Deidicated to Your Success

Dale Calvert

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