The video below from Ryan Moran will be a paridgmn shift when you are ready for it. Please don’t take this as an endorsement for Ryan Moran. I have never met him. I respect his awareness and intelligence, but honestly he is someone that I believe, and I hope, wants to provide value to the world but the jurry is still out. I have observed him making a few bonehead moves over the past five years like when he linked arms with Ken Courtright and The Income Store.

Personally, I think he missed his calling. He went to college to be a pastor, so I know he had started out in life with a good foundation. As I said earlier, I think when you are ready for it. this is one of the most insightful videos & concepts an entreprenuer could ever see.

The one thing I have observed over my entreprenurial journey is that people tend to teach, where they are, and sometiems neglect the road that lead them to that place. I think this is the case with Ryan and what he shares below. I believe in the concept Ryan is attempting to communicate in this video, however I know that along his journey he modeled Ryan Diess, Gary Vee, and many others.

I feel that I am at a simular place right now. I have shared with many that I am attempting something so big, that unless God himself interveins, it is bound to fail. However, I 100% believe in the path I am on, the lives that will be touched and the vision I have. I am enjoying everyday and no matter how crazy it sounds, or peopel that don’t understand, I am staying the course.

Entreprenuers learn from mentors, and model successful people in any given niche they may be involved with. The most important question someone can ask on their entreprenurial jouney is “Who is this person, and WHY should I be listening to them?”

I believe that entreprenuers can get a place of total creativity, meaning, and fun, BUT THEY CANNOT ESCAPTE THE GRIND. (The expansion of their comfort zone) We all most learn from those that have gone before us, and in so doing we can get to a place where we are doing that which non one has ever done before.

By all mean as Jim Rohn taught me. We must learn to operate from a mindset of Thankfullness combined with Ambition. If you are not happy and thankful today, a million dollars in the bank won’t change much.

At the time of this writing, I am one of the few people on this planet that knows what it feels like to have developed a network marketing team with 200 six figure earners & 3 millionaires with people that were not full time network marketers before I met them.

Network marketing is the most misunderstood business model on the planet, by those that are actually involed. It was once a profession that was admired from a far by big time traditional business, entreprenuers who understand the challenges of building a volunteer army.

At it’s peak network marketing was creating millionaires at a faster clip than any other business model in history.

What has happened? The business model hasn’t changed. The opportunity the network marketing profession provides is better now than it ever was however as a profession we never figured out that the real product is people. If you build people, people build the business!

As Zig Ziglar shared with us all “You can have anything in life you want if you help enough other people get what THEY WANT”. Jim Rohn taught us, “Your long-term income is in direct proportion to the value you provide, to the market that you serve”.

Network marketing has become an industry of those with “Leadership titles” and followers. Where are all the future leaders in companies? Prior to covid I accepted up to two speaking gigs a month for network mareketing companies all over the world.

The profession has shifted from a “Build People and People will Build the Business” mindset, to a Tell people what they want to hear so we can keep them on autoship one more month model.

The decion of network marketing leaders has always been to Inspire Greatneess in people or appeal to their Mediocrity? Inspiring greatness seems to have turned into a bunch of Rah, Rah, Fu Fu Dust and Fluff.

I believe there are wisdom of the ages success principles that have been shared throughout the Bible (the orginal self help book) and classics like Think and Grow Rich, The Magic of Thinking Big, Rich Dad Poor Dad, and the list goes on and on. Network marketing was born out of the personal development movement. At one time these principles where taught in every network marekting company.

However they have been replaced with so much mis-information and false promises, it is sad. Funnels, social media post, call yourself something you are not on YouTube, and I could go on and on, so I won’t start. The amount of ridiculous training that has been propigated into this industry is astounding.

What I have relized over the past few months, is the market is full of great people that just want to be told the truth. Network marketing has always been a 3-5 year game plan to financial independence. That hasn’t changed.

However it is going to be the most challenging journey you have ever taken in your life. You are going to have expand your comfort zone, and develop skill sets and mindsets your probably don’t have right now.

But it is worth the effort, because there is no business model on the planet that provides you the time and freedom the residual income network marketing can provide.

This business is not about extracting as much from newbies that don’t know any better, by telling them what they want to hear, so you can sell them what you want to sell them.

I will wrap this up, because I could go on and on. My goal is to help 500 members on my team create six figure incomes and develop 10 millionaires. I believe that is possible, because the stars have lined up.

I realize that I enjoy building businesses, but I love the challenge of bulding a volunteer army. Nothing means more to be than seeing people who have
faught a good fight and make it to the top of their mountain.

Yes, enjoy to love the journey. If you have no doubts, and the facts indicate the stars have lined up. You KNOW you are with the right company, the right team, at the Right time in history, and you are willing to do the work. You don’t have to concern yourself about winning the game, the game is won! So enjoy the game and your journey.

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