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I found this thought provoking insights from Mr. Goldman and wanted to share it with the readers of this blog. There is no question that the population is being distracted and manipulated some of us feel like we know why, but that is a topic for another time. I just hope you get value from the insight in this article.

Is Emotional Intelligence on the Decline?

Seems so.

That’s what I just heard from Consortium member Joshua Freedman, whose group takes the pulse of EI worldwide every two years. They found many drops in EI, particularly in self-management abilities.

This “State of the Heart” survey includes a random sample of around 10,000 people in 140 countries.

The “less bad news”: empathy declined less than other EI abilities, perhaps suggesting that “despite the pressures of the last 3 years, people remain relatively committed to connecting,” as Freedman put it. 

But globally the survey found emotional intelligence abilities declined by 3.4%.

The full report will be published later this year.

These findings fit with an earlier analysis from the Korn Ferry Institute of data from 155,000 leaders. About 40% had severe gaps in their EI.

Just over one in five had strong showings in EI (strengths in 9 of 12 competencies) as rated by people who knew them well.

Consider the impact of leaders who lack self-awareness (the basis for self-management) on those who work for them.  If a leader lacks self-awareness, the data showed, around 40% of those they lead need to strengthen their empathy, their ability to inspire others, and their effectiveness at handling conflicts.

The good news here: all of these EI competencies are learnable, and if we’re motivated we can improve our EI at any point in life.

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