The goal of all the leadership involved is to maintain the integrity of
upline and downline organizations

After the launch everyone will be placed.

What is the product?  Why is it different from the dozens of other direct sales vitamin companies?



How do I make Money?

or I didn’t sponsor you, contact your sponsor directly.  If they are not joining us
then use the link about.


For Dawn and I this was really about finding the best home for the team we have grown to love.  This will not be for everyone, and we are find with that,  we hope you know we will always to our best to support you in any and all of your entrepreneurial endeavors.  Many of the members on our team, want to develop a network marketing organization, and the lifestyle it can provided. After 35+ years in this profession, you learn what to look for. Over the past few weeks, many of us have looked at dozens of programs. We realized the road from where Asirvia is, to where it hopes to go is long, and there is no clear path. The question we have received continuously is with nearby ending, what do I sell?  We wanted to keep the team together and have been actively looking for a network marketing home. (We being Tina, Kelly Curry, Ruth etc)

These are the reasons we choose this company.

1) Timing   The company is in pre-launch

If we had seen this a year ago, no one would have paid attention to it

The upside growth projections of the industry in general (The chart is in Billions)


2) Leadership
Strong Vetted Corporate leaders with background in manufacturing and operating
network marketing organizations.  Plus the previously mentioned field leaders most of
you have met.

3) No competition and won’t be for awhile ( 2 Million $$$ Piece of Machinery )

This not a product you will find on Amazon, Ebay, etc.  Virtually NO COMPETION.

3) Where will designer, customized personalized nutrition trend be in 2 years? 5 years? 10 years? 30 years?

If this doesn’t end up being the hottest company in 2019 a lot of us are going to be shocked.

I am ready how should I start?

The affiliate fee is $39.99 per YEAR.

You can start with 1 -3 – 5 or 10 DNA Kits

I started with 10 because I wanted to have them on hand. When I have conversations
I want to be able to get the kit in their hands immediately and not depend on them to
remember to go to my website and order. I believe in the ability to sell them to people
immediately and get them in their hands. (There is no expiration so for Dawn and I
this made the most sense) You do what is best for you, it doesn’t matter where
you start, it is really about where we are going.

To position yourself and maintain the integrity of your line of sponsorship
contact the person that enrolled you in Asirvia.

If they are not joining, or if Dawn or I enrolled you, you can


We sincerely appreciate you and will always support you every way we can
even if this is not for 
you. We are maintaining our position and relationship with Asirvia
and will be using the Go Connect platform and continue to support our team and customers
there.   We just had to find something that made sense now and had long term upside

I know many of us are ready for a wild ride without all the constant challenges. When you check
out everything this company already has in place, I believe you will be blown away.

THAT ENROLLED YOU IN ASIRIVIA.  No games or drama needed.   We will treat everyone
like they are front line to us.

If you have questions they will probably be answered here:


770-499- 2 0 6 1


PS  Those of you that know me are probably shocked that I would change directions and
build another team.  This is as much about finding the proper home for those that trust
us and we have developed a real bound and relationship with.   The other leaders you
have come to know and trust, Kelly, Tina, Ruth, Curry, are all here and we are looking
at this as if  The Dream Continues.


Let us know what questions, or comments you have.  We  want to have all Asiriva
members that want to join this in the system by Christmas, So we can focus on
the plan to roll this out the first of the year.