ENTERTAINMENT VERSUS IMPACT: The first question you ask yourself is what of the goal of your event?  You’ll need to decide on the blend of entertainment value and meaningful message that you want for your event. You’ll find guest speakers who range from 100% entertainment who could double as comedians to those who focus almost exclusively on content with little entertainment value. Often you can find the exact blend that you’re looking for. For example, if you wanted 70% entertainment value and 30% motivational impact, many professional speakers can tailor their talk to fit your needs. Just let them know exactly what you want. If you’re not sure what you want, discuss the options which your speaker might offer to you.


COMMON SENSE: Like choosing other professionals, selecting a motivational speaker is left to your common sense. You may discover that the speaker has been “speaking” for over 20 years (but maybe your program is the speaker’s first professional engagement) it goes without saying the more experience the better.  The promotional material you received are top-notch (but maybe the speaker has a good “day job” and can afford a slick press kit).  There is saying in the speaking business the more slick the promotional material the less impactful impact you can expect.  The speaker may belong to an impressive association (but this may only mean that he/she paid the required dues). On the other hand, these three credentials may belong to a highly qualified professional speaker. Consider many of the items which follow, ask questions and use your best judgment!  The truth is Kentucky audiences identify with Kentucky Motivational Speakers.  A Boston Audience will relate with a motivational speaker from Boston.  This is not always the case, but when choosing a public speaker, the most important question you can ask yourself is will our audience relate with this person?

Your Choice of Guest Speakers

The HUMORIST is someone who delivers humor with a message: Story, relevant point, story, relevant point. Professional humorists can normally blend their humor and message to fit your needs, but if you are not looking for impact, maybe a comedian would better fit your group.

The MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER provides an inspiring and uplifting program usually built around powerful stories, often personal experiences of the speaker. Most motivational speakers also use humor, but not to the extent that a humorist would. Most motivational speakers have a few memorized talks that may or may not be applicable to your organization.

The CELEBRITY SPEAKER may provide a name which will draw people to your event. Some celebrity speakers are terrific speakers and some are just average, but you’re normally buying their fame and not their platform skills. Celebrity speakers normally have the highest fees in the $30,000.00 plus range for an hour talk.

The Industry Speaker is a person with expertise in a particular industry who lecture on a specific topic. Industry speakers are generally not know for entertainment or motivational value but are brought in to inform and take an in depth look at a particular topic.

The PERFECT FIT SPEAKER is ideally what every group is looking for when hiring a speaker. But, there are some motivational speakers who have the talent, background, experience and versatility to truly be a perfect fit for many different types of industries, organizations and audiences. It is often difficult to classify these speakers as they tremendously funny, but not humorists, motivational in delivery but not in subject matter, Experienced in many industries without being a boring industry speaker and most of all they specialize in extensive pre-meeting research to deliver just the right message for each.  Kentucky motivational speaker Dale Calvert is this type of speaker.  He is a small town boy who became a self-made millionaire before his 35th birthday and has spoke for virtually every type of audience, from elementary schools to Fortune 500 companies.


They are normally a correlation between a motivational speakers fee and the quality of the program. You would never believe that a $4,000 car might be similar to a $40,000 car. So don’t think a $500 speaker might be similar to one who charges $5,000 or more.  Your normally get what you pay for. And consider this, you often pay many times more for the meal than for the speaker (on a per capita basis) when in fact the evenings program is probably far more important than the prime rib. Consider the true value-per-person=attending when deciding how much to invest in your event.  One more thing to consider, what kind of personality wants to be a motivational speaker?  Many times they are those who crave attention but couldn’t quite cut it at the comedy club. Find a speaker with real world experience, and you will be way ahead of the game.


You should not expect to have a problem with off-color material when using and experienced, professional speaker. If you have any subject material concers, make sure you share that with your speaker, especially if they don’t have a track record as a successful speaker.


While talking with a speaker, you may get a feel for his or her customization skills. What kind of question is the speaker asking you about the audience, organization, and event goals? Not every talk needs customization and many speakers have a few memorized talks, but most professional speakers specialize in adding a personal touch and some can design a specific talk around the needs of your organization.


Most speakers require their entire fee upfront, and if you are not happy, to bad.  Mr. Calvert only requires  ½ of his agreed fee to reserve the date, and at the end, he offers a your audience loves it, or you don’t pay the remainder of his fee (ask Mr. Calvert about this when you call him to see if he is available on the date of your upcoming event at 859-684-7894)