I have always described building sales teams as you are building a volunteer army. People that are ready to “Man UP” hit the streets and go to battle. The truth is most people are looking for the magic fu fu dust that makes them money. They are are selfish and don’t understand the wisdom in the acronym.

T ogether
E veryone
A chieves
M ore

I think the most important job of a leader is to make sure you are providing what you believe to be the very best opportunity in your niche for your team. If there is a better product, service, or opportunity in the market, then YOU AND YOUR SALES TEAM SHOULD BE THERE!

I don’t care if you are selling insurance, cell phones, solar panels, cars, or promoting a network marketing opportunity.

Real leaders pivot, but most people in organizations with leadership titles, never pivot, they hang on, hang in, expecting their team to be passionate about and inferior product, service, or opportunity. This is exactly why most teams will never fullfill their true upside potential.

Let’s say you have a business that gives you the opportunity to bond and connect with people in an authentic and genuine way. To do it, you need to come from a place of giving – not taking. What I call being value focussed. Most human beingings in a sales or leadership situation set off a vibe of being

Money Focussed (Some people are just Greedy there words are always around money and profits)
Survival Focussed (They Need to Make the Sale because they have a car payment due)
Value Focussed (Can my product, service, or opportunity make a positive impact for you, and if it can how do I make sure you don’t miss the change to participate)

There are some smooth-talking, articulate people who give the illusion of sincerity, concern, and care for others. But, in fact it’s a setup. Calculated actions are different from genuine care, and most people know the difference. They can feel it is their soul.
I genuinely go through life wanting to make people better off for having been in their lives. I have always told our sales team. Give me one year of your life, really plug in and I promise you the positve impact the culture we build will have on you will provide you benefits the rest of your life.

The reason that I can say this is because I rely on “Wisdom of the Ages” prinicples as the backbone to every concept, idea, mindset, and systems we teach.

When I interact with someone. I want that person to be better off than before I showed up.That could mean giving them a book recommendation, listening to them, or just making them smile or laugh. I also believe that you have to care enough about people to not always tell them what they want to hear, but what they need to hear.

See you can’t fake this. People know if you really care or are just taking calculated actions to blow smoke up their dress in an attempt to manipulate them.

In the world of business, I’m always thinking about how to be useful, generous, and contribute to other people. I know I’m not entitled to anything, I have always said the only person you can expect anything from is the one starring you back in the mirror.

If I get anything in the world of value, it requires me to create value for someone first. Nothing comes to us in life unless we create value for someone else first. This approach ensures you’re always producing more than you consume.

Jim Rohn taught. In business your long term income is in dirrect proportion to the value you provide, to the market that you serve. I have always done my best to operate my businesses this way, and I hope my track record shows that.

This is what makes a productive human being. Many people in the world can be more of a parasite than a producer. But, you don’t have to be one of them. The best thing you can do for your Clients’, yourself, and the world, is figure out how to create value.

As it relates to building sales teams and providing value, Zig gave us the secret years ago.

And, one of the best skill sets you could ever learn, to help do this, is ethical marketing. The more capable at marketing you become, the better you will do and the better off people around you will be.

Building a volunteer army, a sales team is very difficult. You are dealing whith many different background, levels of experience and on an on. I have said many times, the higher you rise in leadership the more of a phycologist you have to become. You have to get inside the minds and hearts of every person on your team, and try to figure out what you can do to support them, and help them focus, and progress.

This is not an easy task, for my personality it is very draining, and zaps me emotionally. The only way I can possibly do what I do is to STAY in a state of being VALUE FOCUSSED AND AUTHENTIC. For me that is the secret, to always say what I mean, and mean what I say.

The truth is, most people will be with you for a season, and then they will get discouraged, quit, or think the grass is greener on the other side. However if you speak truth , or value focussed, don’t blow smoke, and tell people what is hard for them to hear sometimes. I BELIEVE THE RIGHT PEOPLE WILL STAY WITH YOU. Here is a recent example, I will let Kamala explain to you, what I have been trying to communicate in this article.