From Joe Polish

Joe is beating me with a 2 X 4 in this article. My sleep patterns are way off! This is very practical advice that is worth seriously considering.

If you want to dramatically enhance your Entrepreneurial effectiveness, improve your ability to run a better business and a better life……ramp up your physical fitness by 5%.

Get better sleep. Deal with your trauma work. When I’m not getting things done effectively, it’s because some area of my personal life that I’m not looking at is messed up..

Here’s the question to ask yourself: “How do I solve one problem that will solve 100 other problems?”

energy is joy.

If you’re not sleeping well, you have about 20 or 30 problems in your life that exist because you’re not sleeping well. If you solve that ONE problem, all the other problems will get solved. Some people think, “I have to go to 100 seminars on how to better focus”. Try going to five seminars.

Try dropping out of some things. Don’t read a book a week and then write a post about how you figured out how to “hack” the system. Instead, master two books that are REALLY good – and don’t read the other 50 books. (What I call finding the best mentor in whatever niche or market method you are attempting to learn)

Information is being poured on us like an avalanche. Marketing today is algorithms. What are you listening to? What are you paying attention to? What are you clicking on?

Algorithms are serving up to your brain what your behavior is showing you are interested in.People often want to intellectualize without dealing with the underlying trauma they are experiencing.

But if you want to get better in your life:Go to bed early.

Don’t consume things that numb you.Don’t eat crappy food.Meditate.Learn how to breathe.