If you have been following my podcast or content anytime at all then you have probably heard the IBM BASEMENT story, I am not going to rehash the entire story here.

But I will say that hearing Zig Ziglar during the Employee Awareness Class that I had to attend, changed my life. When he said “You are Where You Are in Your Life because of WHAT HAS GONE INTO YOUR MIND, and the ONLY WAY to Change Where You Are is CHANGE WHAT GOES INTO YOUR MIND” I knew he was speaking truth!

I am thankful today, that I took action on that truth and immediately started Programming My Mind for Success, in the 7 Key areas of life.

The other Zig quote that changed my life was.

At this point in my life, I am having a ball leading a group of entrepreneurial spirited people and doing my best to help them  get what they want.  To do that the stars must line up and you must have a product or service that customers want. 

There is nothing that will burn out an entrepreneur more than trying to lead people that are marketing products or services that customers DON’T WANT!

I love sharing the ERC Employee Retention Credits Stimulus program with Private Christian schools, small businesses, churches, and nonprofit organizations.

I am helping them claim funds they can put to good use, and myself and my team love helping other people get what they want.  It is just a win-win-win opportunity for everyone.

If you are associated with a church, private school, nonprofit, or any type of small business organization that has 5 or more W2 employees on staff, you owe it to yourself to check out the Employee Retention Credit program, even if your CPA or other advisor has told you, you don’t qualify.

This is the biggest financial stimulus for deserving organizations in the history of the United States.  Personally I feel the money will do the country a lot more good in the hands of churches, private schools, nonprofits, and small business owners than it ever will letting the Federal government use it to fund radical self interest groups that most of America care nothing about!

You can click the banner below to learn more about the (ERC) Employee Retention Credit Program!