Is there a voice in your head telling you… “I’m not good enough.” “I don’t deserve success.”  And worst of all. . . “It’s not my fault.” I get it.   I’ve been where you are…  

Allowing these thoughts inside my head held me back for a long time…   Getting in the way of achieving a higher level of success…  What you think in your mind has power and ultimately determines if you succeed or fail.   

If you think you’re not worth a darn, then you won’t be.  It’s that simple.   Even if you go on to make millions of dollars! Eventually, you’ll lose it all because you don’t believe in yourself.   

Think about when pro athletes do something stupid and lose it all – and we wonder how they could’ve fallen so far.  But the reality is, in their mind, they were always thinking they didn’t deserve fame, fortune, and success.   

So they end up right back where they started – because in their mind they never left.   This is called the fear of limiting beliefs.   And if you pay attention, you will hear people repeat these negative beliefs  in passing.  Most people are not even aware of what they are saying. 

People seem to blindly accept these beliefs from parents, teachers, friends, the media, politicians, and co-workers.   

Take a look at this list of the 25 worst beliefs: 

1. Patience is a virtue.

2. I just want to be comfortable.

3. Money won’t make you happy.

4. I don’t have time.

5, I’m living the dream.

6, I will do it when I get to it.

7. That’s impossible.

8. Time heals. 

9. I can’t do that.

10. It takes money to make money.

11. I hate paying taxes.

12. Thank God it’s Friday. 

13. I can’t wait for the weekend to get here. 

14. I hate Mondays. 

15, We can’t find good people. 

16. Debt is bad.

17. I need to save more money. 

18. It’s not my fault.

19. I will be happy when… I am too old (or too young)

20. It is what it is.

21. I don’t like to read.

22. I don’t need a mentor

23. That’s not my job.

24. I’m not a salesperson.

25. I can’t ____________

These are extremely dangerous!  Eliminate these thoughts from your head as soon as they creep in.   They can infect you.  And they can even bring everyone around you down too.   We teach a concept we call the cancel cancel technique in our Programming Your Mind for Success course.

The more you learn to recognize your limiting beliefs and switch your thinking, the more success you will achieve.   

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