Many people earn a million dollars over their lifetime, so the real clarification should be earn a million dollars over what period of time?

Do you want to earn a million dollars a year?  Let’s face it there are very few businesses you can start and have a chance to create that type of  income from scratch in 12 months.

Over the years I have searched for opportunities that offer the chance of earning a million dollars within 3-5 years, for me that seams reasonable.

If you came to me anytime over the past 5 years and asked me, Dale, what is the best way to make a million dollars over the next 3-5 years?

Until June 2022 my answer would have been find a hot niche and start and ecom business and build it to about twenty one thousands dollars in monthly profit.

That is possible to do today, if you are willing to grind hard for 12 hour plus daily for a few years and the niche stays relevant.

Then sale the business for 48 times monthly profit which would give you about a 1 million dollar exit.

Like I said that would have been my advice prior to June 2022, but now I have found a better way.  In fact a much better way, honestly the best path to a million dollars I have ever seen in my life, more on that in a minute.

Here are some other ways you could earn a million dollars over a period of time.

So what is the best opportunity I have seen to earn  1 million dollars?  Not only 1 million dollars but the potential exist to start from scratch and earn one million dollars in passive income that has the potential to pay you year after year

So what is it?  The short answer is give away 83 free Loop Premium Loop Players to small businesses.  Nothing to sell, just give away Loop Players.

Since this brand new wealth generating program just came out of beta testing you are probably asking what are premium loop tv players and why would a business want them, even if they are free?

This video will give you a great overview of these awesome players and the benefits they have for business owners.

iHub Meta – Loop TV – Back in Business!.mp4 from Jerome on Vimeo.

This video is what we share with business owners, and it will give you a high-level overview.

So, can you really earn income, even a million dollars giving these players away?

Here is an example of the experiences some of our team members have had with this program during the beta.

Want to learn more?

Check out this page and sell yourself.

If you feel you qualify and you are the type of person we are looking for, then contact me at our Georgia Office 770-499-2061.

It should go without saying that no income is implied or guaranteed and depends upon your ability to GIVE AWAY FREE LOOP PLAYERS to business owners, your work ethic and ability to follow our team proven training systems.