Today is Septemeber 11th, 2023, I am excited because it is the official launch of the Collect Diect Online Store. I feel like it is very possible that one day that the Collect Direct online store will have the name recognition that eBay, Amazon, Alibaba, and other platforms have today.

Why, because it has been the dream of the owner Dave Jordan since 1998, to build the world’s largest company in the Collectibles Space using the power of word-of-mouth and the network marketing business model. Simply put, I have been thinking alot over the past few months, about the power we all have to dream, and visulize our future.

Those that work with us directly have seen this picuture, my dream, several times over the past few months. The largest event I ever had for my personal team we had 5,000 people in attendance. We had aproximately 200 five, six, and seven figure earners on that team and a couple of millionaires. My goal is to more than double those numbers.

So at about two o’clock this morning when I was watching the Oliver Anthony inteview with Jordon Peterson I was fascinated when Oliver talked about designing his life and visualizing what he wanted his future to look like.

It has been said by many great philosohers and personal development speakers that once you really decide what you want, you will attract the people, places and circumstances that will make your dream a reality. Our even write and record a song that will blow up around the world. That is what has happened Oliver. A couple of months ago, he couldn’t have imagined what has happended for him over the past 45 days or so.

If you have been living under a rock, and you haven’t heard the song, here it is.

The entire interview was beyond, thought provoking. But what really blew my mind was when Jordan Peterson said.

“You can Dream the Future, in fact, that is how dreams come about. You either dream your future, or you let it turn into a nightmare”

It was like at that moment, when he said that, I really got the fact that every single accomplishement in my life, every goal that has been achieved, was first a picture on my bathroom mirror, and in my mind, I lived it daily, before it ever happened.


What did Napoleon Hill say in Think and Grow Rich?

This is a wisdom of the ages, truth, that people should take more seriously.